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Bonkel's Beads
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About Us

Many customers like to know about the people behind the products they buy.  

Our Philosophy

We strive to keep our art on the leading edge of creativity, combining a variety of materials to create one of a kind accessories.  We also believe that giving back is a vital responsibility and welcome requests for in-kind donations for non-profit charities.   

Who We Are

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our art!  We, Bonnie and Kelley are a great team.  Bonnie is the lampwork artist and Kelley is the jewelry designer.  Kelley lampworked longer than Bonnie, but has refused to return to the torch after she set her clothing ablaze!

We reside in the Glass City, Toledo, Ohio.  Bonnie is the president of our local bead society, Black Swamp Bead Club. 

BonKels' Beads

Our in-home studio, lovingly named the "Labor & Delivery Room", is where each little work of art is born.  We use soft glass from around the globe and kiln anneal every creation.  We invite people to learn more and ask questions.  We love to share!

A Bead is Born...

Kelley on the torch