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Our weekend bug-out landed us right smack in the middle of nowhere Indiana.... Yogi Bear Resort! We had a wonderful time! Waterslides, Noah's Ark, Putt-Putt, swimming pools, arcade and Brittany! Did anyone get a picture of Brittany? Maybe we could scan it too?! Here are a few photos that capture the memories.....

 Are you ready for some fun?

Grandma and Emily


Jamie splashes his way to the earth

Jamie after the fall

Austen after the fall

Did you know that the water that splashes over the sides would freeze if it were two degrees colder?

Jamie and Emily play ball - or kick the kid off the ball

Bumpa and Emily

Bumpa scales the fence

Dale makes a big splash! "Do it again Daddy!"

Kelley takes the plunge!

Is that water cold - or what?

Hanging out by the fireside - Stokley Junior attending the fire

PUDGY PIES?? Did someone say PUDGY PIES?
Dori at the fire making a great treat all for herself!

Hey Boo-Boo Bear, did I smell a pic-i-nic basket?
We better go find it...
See you next vacation