A marriage license was filed in 1860, Allengheny County, PA, for Anson Noe and Caroline Noe. No date available. No confirmation of maiden name.

Family lore says that after Anson's first wife passed away, he had brought over "Prussian slaves" to work at his mill. Caroline and her brother were among those. Caroline was brought into the house to help with the children ans eventually married Anslem(Anson). Caroline had hoped to marry one of his son's (Andrew). When the first female child was born, Anselm insisted it be named for his dead wife: Sarafina. This story comes from Caroline (Anson's grandchild) who was referred to as Aunt Carrie by my uncle Ray.

Alexander Schiff

I have located an Alexander Schiff in the 1869 City Directory! He is listed as a barber. His residence is on O'Hara between Penn and Pike. This is the first lead I have gotten on Caroline's brother!

If you have any info on him, please contact me.

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