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Marie Elizabeth Sailer

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1. Marie Elizabeth Sailer Noe Dingel b: November 30, 1906 d: January 26, 1961 m1:Vincent "Skinny" John Noe ~ January, 1928 b: February 14, 1908 d: October, 1979 1.1 Ramon "Raymond" Noe b: November, 1928 d: 1.2 James Francis b: December 26, 1937 d: m2:Jacob Dingel b: d:

Marie Elisabeth Sailer

My grandmother, Marie Sailer Noe Dingel, passed away before my parents were married. I never knew her and have always felt a sense of loss - a lack of connection. I have pictures of her as a child and as a young woman, and I resemble her in so many ways.

She emigrated to America in 1922, from Gundelfingen, Deutschland. My father recalls her telling of this city that sat along the Danube River. She was an excellent seamstress and millner. Her cousin, Anna Brei, recalls a fabulous dress that Marie sewed for her that had matching hats and interchangable sashes. Anna said she always felt like royalty wearing it to church.

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From family photos that I inherited, it appears that there was one older sister, two younger blonde brothers (close in age) and two younger sisters. The one child appeared to be a female infant - but it is hard to determine the sex of the child. After Marie's biological mother passed away, her father remarried. The two names I have are Ursula and Victoria. I believe the wife's name was Ursula and Marie's half-sister (born after her arrival in America) was Victoria.

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Family stories tell that her brothers were great skiiers in the Alps and that one brother, John, was brought to America during WWII as a POW. Marie went to Florida to visit him - he called her a dirty American and spat at her. They never made contact again.

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I have several photos that I will be adding to this site. Her father's name may have been Vergiss? This appears on the back of a wedding photo (early 1900's).

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If anyone has family history on the Sailer's from Gundelfingen, I would love to hear from you!

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Jacob Dingel

Seeing as this man loved my grandmother and was loved by my father, I find it fitting that he should have a place in our family tree. Although there is no blood relation here, our family always visited Jake when we were back on holiday. He treated us grandchildren well and visits with him were always looked forward to!

I have tried to locate Jacob's ancestors and thus far I have learned the following:

There were two Jacob Dingels, father and son.
Jacob Dingel born July 1872.
Married Minnie ______________.
Jacob, Jr. appears in the family in 1910 census in Millvale near Pittsburgh, PA.
Jacob was born February 4, 1904, in PA and died April 1986 in PA.

Jake Dingel & Ed Haber
"Up the Island"

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