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Bonnie S. Noe
537 Apple Avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43609
(419) 382-9237


Butler University,
4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46208.
Bachelor of Science ~
Elementary Education/Early Childood Education, in-depth minor, Psychology.
August, 1985.


Disability Support Services, Inc., Jacksonville, FL.
Independent Support Coordinator.
May, 1995 - December, 1995.
Provided support services for 35 individals with developmental disabilities. Identified support needs. Coordinated medicaid providers. Developed Individual Support Plans (ISP = IEP). Monitored and evaluated on-going services. Specialized case management.

Volunteers of America, Jacksonville, FL.
Community Counselor ~ Supported Living
March, 1993 - May, 1995
Supported individuals with developmental disabilities in maintaining/ achieving their personal goals within the community. Developed the Life Sharing Partners Program for people who require additional and/or creative supports. Coordinated community resources.

Your Friends & Neighbors, Inc., Ft. Wayne, IN
Q.M.R.P. (Qualified Mental Retardation Professional)
Residential Manager ~ I.C.F. Adult Sheltered Home
March, 1991 - December, 1992.
Advocate for and case manager to 35 adults living in I.C.F.-M.R. homes. Responsibilities: Needs Assessments. I.P.P. development and implementation. Staff development and training. Behavior program development (Levels I - III). Coordination of programs and sevices. Quality assurance assessments. Increasing/Decreasing Behaviors (Level I - III) Instructor.

Anthony Wayne Services, Inc., Ft. Wayne, IN.
A.D.L. Trainer ~ I.C.F. Children's Medically Fragile Home
May, 1990 - March, 1991.
Provided love, nurturing, guidance and encouragement to 8 children with multiple medical, physical and developmental challenges. Created ways to make speech, physical and occupational therapy fun! Worked with a team to provide an enriched environment that fostered growth and development.

Family Support Center, Indianapolis, IN
Volunteer Coordinator, 1988 - 1990.
Education Specialist, 1985 - 1986.
Recruited, trained and coordinated volunteers for multiple child abuse prevention programs throughout Central Indiana. Helped Charter the Nurturing Parent Program. Teen Educator in "Mentor Mom" class. Fundraising. In-kind Donations. As Education Specialist - coordinated educational services for up to 30 children living in a crisis intervention program. Position included children 6 weeks to 18 years. Funding for position was cut in 1986.


1998 ~ Volunteer Children's Ministry Coordinator, Good Samaritan Parish, MCC, Toledo. Webmaster, Good Samaritan Parish, MCC, Toledo.

1997 ~ Completed HTML Courses for Web Design. Accepted into HTML Writers Guild. Volunteered for local political party/candidates.

1996 ~ Volunteer Teacher for Children's Ministry, St. Lukes, MCC, Jacksonville.

1995 ~ Presentor to Florida State House of Representatives on needs of individuals with Develpmental Disabilities. HIV/AIDS State Training. Independent Support Coordinator's Training - State Training. CPR training. First Aid Training.

1994 ~ Homeless/Mentally Ill inservice training. Team Building inservice training. Med-Waiver Training. CPR. HIV/AIDS State Training. Quarterly Supported Living Statewide Inservice Trainings.

1993 ~ Disaster Preparedness/Hurricane Preparedness State Training. CPR. Social Security Benefits Training. Quarterly Supported Living Statewide Inservice Trainings.

1992 ~ Increasing/Decreasing Behaviors, Instructor. Wolf Computer programming, Seminar, Detroit. Social Role Valorization, Seminar. Basic Water Safety, Certification. Time Management, Seminar. Making Meetings Productive, Seminar. American's with Disabilities Act, Training. Behavioral Intervention and Treatment Approaches Dually Diagnosed individuals, Seminar. CPR.

1991 ~ Aggression Control Management, Seminar. Beginning Functional Sign Language, Classes. Non-Physical Intervention Crisis De-escalation, Seminar.

1990 ~ Rational Behavior Therapy, Seminar. CPR. Effective Communication, seminar. Day Springs Homeless Shelter, Family Educator.

1989 ~ Nurturing Parent Group Facilitator. National Volunteer Conference, New Orleans. Precision Management, seminar. Mentor Mom Program, teen educator. Indiana Vocational Technical Institute - Adjunct Instructor, Human Growth and Development.

College Honors:
Dean's List
Carol McMullen Early Childhood Education Award
Alpha Delta Omega Senior Scholarship
IAEYC - State Fall Conference, Program Committee, Hostess Committee, Program Chair, Presenter
Judical Board - Chairperson
Social Committee - Chair and member
Lambda Chi Alpha Lil' Sis