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Lawrence Noe's birth certificate was filed in Allegheny County, PA, 1855.

His Marriage License was filed in Allegheny County, PA, in 1878. St. Mary's of the Assumptio shows Lawrence married MARGARET HAUSMANN in 1878.

George Andrew Noe
Twin of Hilda Mary
July 24, 1894
Annie Noe - 1880
I have also located Lawrence Noe - August 21, 1901 - November, 1972 (possibly a grandson).

I am still seeking further information.

Uncle Ray states that one of the brothers was a bail bonds man (Leo or Lawrence). They owned a huge stretch of land (Pine Creek area) until a criminal jumped bond and the brother was jailed. The land was sold to get the brother out of jail.

If this family story is familiar to you, please e-mail me.

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