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Concordia Kauffman

1. Adam Kaufmann and Maria

1.1 Adam Kaufman b: 22 Sep 1675

1.2 Andreas Kaufmann b: 02 Sep 1683
m: Salome Ruffen 20 Feb 1713

1.2.1 Franciscus Carolus Kaufmann
b: 29 Jan 1716

m: Barbara Dollerin 29 Apr 1743

m: Maria Rosina Utzim 17 Feb 1749 Simonem Carolum Kaufmann
b: 26 Oct 1757

m: Annastasia Elsaesser
29 Jan 1781 Concordia Kaufman
b: 15 Feb 1796

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* I am still researching this line for siblings. As this task is time consuming, it may be awhile before it is presented here. Above is noted solely the direct lineage. Thank you for your patience.

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