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Edward Carl Haber

Edward Carl Haber was born on the 30th of April, 1918 to Anthony Haber and Mathilda Elsesser Haber. His baptism was performed on the 12th of May of the same year by Father Godard at St. Augustine's Church.

His baptism sponsers were: Carl Nickel and Bertha Elsesser.

Ed's mother, Mathilda, died from complications of his delivery. At that time, Ed had 4 older siblings: Anthony, Mae, Clement and Bernie.

His father, Anthony, married Elsie (Esther) Stupy. She had at least 2 (two) children from a previous marriage at this time: Walter and George.

Anthony Haber and Elsie Stupy Haber gave birth to: Rita Haber.

Edward Haber went on to serve in WWII and while in service to his country, married Maddalena Margherita Falgione. They had two children: Margaret and Dorothy.

In his secular life, he was a painter by occupation.

Somewhere during his milestones, he became a very evil and wicked man. For those who knew the Ed Haber I knew, he was an instument of torture. I pray that God shows mercy on his soul - as he showed no mercy in his life on earth.

He passed away on the 26th of April, 1973.

Mathilda Elsesser

I have yet to uncover much information on Mathilda Elsesser. Her siblings were:

William J. Elsesser 02 Feb 1887 - Aug 1970

Bertha Elsesser

Cecelia Elsesser 30 Sep 1890 - Feb 1972

Leo Elsesser 27 Feb 1898 - Feb 1982

Mary C. Elsesser Junker 24 Mar 1888 - Mar 1976

Named in a will was:
Francis Elsesser 04 De 1924 - March 1975

*I have yet to find information on Aunt Berdie (Bertha) Elsesser. She is named as a sponsor on my grandfather's baptismal certificate. My mother recalls visiting Aunt Berdie and Aunt Celie (as these two spinster women always lived together).

Where do we fit in?

The following Elsesser's were located in Allegheny County Pennsylvania. It is safe to assume they are all related. The question is HOW are they related?

Donald Elsessor 7 JUL 1914 - 22 JUN 1960

R. Elsessor 22 JUL 1960 - JUN 1995

Albert Elsesser 16 SEP 1904 - 9 SEP 1961

Ethel Elsesser 12 MAR 1913 - 28 FEB 1994

*Bertha Elsesser 25 NOV 1891 - MAR 1983 Haverhill, Mass???? Could this be the Aunt Berdie I am missing? There is no family recollection of her moving to MA?

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