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Same Sex Marriage ~ Holy Union

Same sex marriage is causing quite a stir these days! Many states have voted to ammend their constitutions. Other states have passed ordinances. The Federal Government passed the Defense of Marriage Act (D.O.M.A.) to make sure marriages remain sacred. Right-wing political groups have joined with religious leaders and are fighting to bring morality back to America!

Marriage between heterosexuals has long lost its right to be "sacred". The only rights marriage holds are: Tax cuts. Insurance benefits. Survivorship and Inheritence protection. Child custody. These rights should not be an exclusive "perk" for those born heterosexual.

Kelley and I have shared nearly a decade of life and love. We have cried, laughed, struggled and grown. We have such a deep love of God and desired to take our relationship beyond one of secular life. We desired to place God at the very center of who we were. Our Holy Union was just that... a way to place God at the center. No more. No less.

Somewhere in the planning, society forced us to make a political statement. One that says, we are here. Our love is real. Each new day brought one more vendor asking about the grooms. Some vendors found that their services were not desired by us as clerks shuttered in disgust. Yet, amazingly, most people were simply curious. Wanting to be educated. Wanting to better understand.

The bridal salon we used was OUTSTANDING! I would recommend them to everyone. Just days before the ceremony, the one clerk nearly broke to into tears. She said a year ago she was planning her daughter's wedding (a dream come true). Weeks before the actual date, her daughter came to her and told her she had met a wonderful woman and could not go through with the wedding. She said she was crushed. Disappointed. Hurt. Afraid. She commented that it was great to see two women planning a Holy Union - a fancy wedding. You see, mom had lost the dream of seeing her baby girl get married. Somehow, Kelley and I were able to help her see that her baby girl could still have the wedding of her dreams.

Oh let the bigots rant and rave. While they do, go live your dreams! Legislation will catch up with us. We just have to show them the way. Sreaming and hollaring for your rights will just wear you down. Claim your rights. Scripture says that we are called to an abundant life. No where does it say Jesus only loves particular children. Live life knowing that you are loved and called to love.