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Charles Noe

Charles Noe was born December 11, 1880, Sharpsburg, PA. He was the 9th of 10 children. His parents were Anselm Noe and Caroline Schiff Noe, both from Herrlisheim, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France. He was Baptized December 19, 1880, at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Sharpsburg, PA. His sponsors were: George Limbet and Maria Missner.

Charles married Susan Meinert June 25, 1908. Witnesses were: Herman and Emma Meinert.
Mary A. - age 10 in 1920
Chester - age 8 in 1920
Elizabeth H. - age 4 in 1920
Charles W. - age 1.5 in 1920

Their residence was on Murray Street in 1920. This is the same street as Jacob Noe, Charles' older brother.

Charles Noe owned and operated a grocery store in Lawrenceville, PA. My uncle recalls laughing because the sign out front read C.A.Noe. He always thought it said "canoe". Uncle Ray Noe recalls driving a bus for a younger Charles "Charlie" Noe who suffered from diabetes which affected his legs/feet. My uncle stated that Charlie never believed him when he told him he was related.

I have located possibly the younger Charles: March 2, 1918 - February, 1977 ss# 167-10-8720. There is also Charles Frederick Noe July 31, 1943, birth certificate filed in Allegheny County. This may be a grandson? Please contact me by e-mail if this story is familiar to you.

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