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The Voyage of

and His Brothers

Anselm Noe 1822 - 1908, set sail from his homeland, Herrlisheim, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France, with his three (maybe 4) brothers. The frigate Brandywine's destination was the Port of New Orleans, Louisana.

Once there, Anselm and one brother came ashore in search of a future. The two remaining brothers remained on deck and continued their journey around the Cape of Good Hope.

Family lore tells of glorious and possibly criminal days that followed. One story tells that Anselm and this brother were "pirates" during the Civil War! The story tells that these brothers attacked ships on the Mississippi River for both the Confederate and Union Armies.

Another family tale is that the two Noe's that went to California actually settled what as known today as "Noe Valley". Another fine tale told that history books disclaim (Noe Valley was named for Jose Noe from Mexico).

What we do know factually, is that Anselm Noe finally settled in the Allegheny County, Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania with his wife Seraphine Herrman Noe(b. 1831). Both Anselm and Seraphine named France as their place of birth on census records.

The children of his first marriage are:
George Noe - b. January 1, 1853
Antonious Andrew Noe - b. August 12, 1855 founder of A. Noe & Pop, Sharpsburg
Joseph Noe - b. June 02, 1857
Joannes Christopher Noe - b. April 1860
Maria Brigida Noe - b. September 24,1865
Luisa Noe - b. June 30, 1868

The 1870 census shows a Theresa Green/Grun living in the home - 20 year old female - housekeeper. Therefore, Seraphine died after 1868 and prior to 1870. **Note: George Noe married a Rose Green.

Anselm married his second wife, Caroline Schiff, in 1870. Both list Herrlisheim France as place of birth on Baptism records at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Sharpsburg, PA. The children from his second marriage are:
Jacob Noe - b. Novemebr 10, 1875
Seraphina Noe - b. March 1878 baptized March 12, 1878
George Charles Noe - b. December 11, 1880
Carolina (Carrie)Regina Noe - b: November 11,1882 baptized November 12, 1882.

*Note: I am still in the process of verifying Anselm's offspring - the above names are representative of research and family lore. All verified information includes dates and can be found on individual family member pages!

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