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ANDREW NOE 1855-1900

Andrew Noe was the second child born to Anselm and Seraphine Noe born August 12, 1855, Shapsburg, Pennsylvania. Andrew's wife was Elizabeth, born May 1849. Their residence was N. Main, Sharpsburg, PA. Known children are: Joseph H. b: May 1878. Mary b: April 1883. Loretta b: September 1884. Bertha b: December 1888.

Joseph H. Noe married Charlotta whose age was 31 at the time of the 1910 census. Their children are: Elizabeth b: 1901. Joseph b: 1902. Mercedes b: 1905. They resided on N. Main in Sharpsburg at the time of the 1920 census.

Mary Noe was living alone at the time of the 1920 census on 6th Street in Sharpsburg.

While on my tour of cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA, I located ANDREW NOE's headstone at St. Mary's, Sharpsburg, old cemetary, section B.

The inscription is as follows:
Andrew Noe 1854-1900
Elizabeth Noe (wife) 1848-1917

Joseph Sr 1878-1935 (birth certificate shows Andrew and Elizabeth as parents)
Anna C. 1879-1967 (another source shows her as Oct. 29, 1878 - Sept., 1967)
**Joseph Noe married an Anna P. per IGI records. This record also shows a George E. Noe born 1880 to Joseph and Annie. This line is from Andrew's brother Joseph.
Teresa 1880-1889
Mary E. 1883-1977 (Social Security Death Index reads April 14, 1883 - April 1977 ss# 159-32-0419)
Loretta 1885 - (no date of death)
Bertha 1887- 1972
Hazel A. 1901-1989 (Social Security Death Index reads July, 18, 1901 - May 16, 1989 206-32-5060)
Elizabeth 1900- 1965
Joseph Jr 1902-1966

If asked to speculate, I would think that Hazel, Elizabeth and Joseph Jr. are children of Joseph Sr.

I have nothing to support this, however, given Andrew's death in 1900, this makes the most sense.

Andrew Noe owned A. Noe and Sons Pop located in Sharpsburg, PA right around the corner from St. Mary's School/Church. My father walked past here everyday and NEVER new he was from the same NOE family as this branch. I own a variety of the Noe Pop bottles from crock ginger bottles to glass.

If these NOE's are yours, please contact me by e-mail!


I have located two additional Anna Noe's in the Pittsburgh area. Parents tend to name children after family members. I am trying to establish if there is any relation between:

Anna Noe April 8, 1894 - February, 1977
ss# 175-18-4948

Anna Noe October 29, 1878 - September, 1967


On the Andrew Noe headstone is a child of 8 years named Teresa. I have found another Theresa Noe (possibly named after the sister who passed away):

Theresa Noe August 24, 1924 - January 4, 1994
ss# 172-20-8826.

I am searching for the link here. If you have any information on Theresa Noe please e-mail me.

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